Simple. Wireless. SeCa.

Modern is being able to transfer data wirelessly!

As a manufacturer of wireless sensor networks, we have been doing this for more than 15 years – and we were the first company from the fire alarm industry to do so in Europe. Our Wireless 54® wireless technology means we can achieve transmission security on the same level as wired systems

         APP Wireless 54®

Wireless 54® APP – close contact with your customers

The new SeCa Wireless 54® APP means you are already in the picture regarding any messages to the control panel before your customer notices them and calls you. Set up servicing remotely using the APP - for quick and efficient service at your customers’ premises. (more...)


Radio technology Wireless 54®
SRC 4000 wireless fire alarm system
A new generation of wireless fire alarm systems - thanks to Wireless 54® wireless technology - with transmission security on the same level as wired systems. Depending on the configuration, the requirements set out in EN 54, DIN 14675, BS 5839 and other national norms are fulfilled.
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